Mister Cardin, Tear Down That Wall; Debate The Issues

Mister Cardin, Tear Down that Wall; Debate the Issues


My fellow candidates Chelsea Manning, Rikki Vaughn and I have Challenged Ben Cardin to a full, fair and timely debate of the issues important to Maryland voters.

The incumbent, Sen. Cardin, hides in the shadows while depriving voters of the opportunity to evaluate the candidates.

We have had a history in this country of issues being thoroughly aired in political debates since 1858 when Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas held seven debates in that Presidential contest.

Cardin should have the confidence to debate his positions. He should have the intestinal fortitude to debate in a public forum and explain his positions.

Thus far, he has not shown he respects or acknowledges his constituents and has dodged a debate.

Cardin is trying to quietly sneak his way into a third term because he believes Maryland voters are asleep at the wheel and won’t notice what he’s really up to.

That’s not how democracy works. Maryland voters deserve better.

The June 26 Maryland Democratic Primary is just around the corner. I and my fellow candidates have put a vital question to Cardin:

Senator Cardin, will you join us in an open and extended presentation of ideas before the Maryland electorate or will you continue to run and hide?